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This is a close up of the All cotton Cranberry and Oatmeal colors woven into a rag rug. The size is 2ft by 5ft, $200.00 plus shipping to New England area ($10.00). All others areas, shipping and handling is 20%.

I use Cranberry color hand cut strips of recycled material and many shades of tan ranging from a greenish tan, khaki, light tan, natural and beige. (If you look at oatmeal it has all these colors in it.) I look for a print fabric too, to include that has these same colors and also I include a hint of light blue to complete this New England color rug. These colors are a favorite of New England homes along the coast.


2ft by 5ft - $200.00
2ft by 6ft - $240.00
2ft by 7ft - $280.00
2ft by 8ft - $320.00

For longer lengths, please contact me.

Wider width (3 ft) is available.

Machine washable and can be put into a dryer at a low setting

I recommend putting outside in the shade laying flat on a breezy day

Please see picture below of the same rag rug.

Custom rugs on request


Same rug as shown above, but showing the hem; the rug is also folded to show more of the colors.

Cotton rag rug in front of a kitchen sink, 30 x 84 inches long     $437.00

Blues, reds, yellow, off whites

Hand cut strips of cotton cloth in a variety of colors sewn together and then woven on the loom with a cotton poly yarn

Can be washed in a large front loading machine and dried flat

Custom orders taken

How a rag rug is made by Phyllis Leck

In planning a rug I look for a color grouping that works together and think of the setting that the rug is going to be in. Then I collect my materials. I go to the Salvation Army for some of my materials . There, I find sturdy blue, red, cream, white jeans that make up so many of my rugs. I also ask people that make curtains and slip covers to trade for their scraps . (I make them a rug for a big bag of fabric scraps that they just take to the land fill).

Then I stand for hours cutting the material up into strips of about 1 1/2 inches. I use a
rag cutter for this. It is hand cranked and has a diamond blade that cuts the fabric.

Then I take the strips and put a color palette of them into a basket and
set it by my loom. The loom is already set with the yarn threaded and the tension ready for me to begin.

I pick my first strip out of the basket and then chose the next color that works with the first one. I move along through the rug placing one strip after another folded and overlapped with each strip forming a sort of impressionistic landscape.

I measure as I go along but the rug is unpredictable as to how it will shrink up after the tension is released.

I can put more than one rug on the loom at a time. So they are all connected together so that when I reach the end I cut the rugs a part and hem them by hand.

Some old phrases from weaving:

"The whole nine yards"     "Cut from the same cloth"


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