Single Wall Bowl Holder
This attaches to the wall with two screws.

If you are not going into a stud, please use a "wall anchor" in your wall into which to put your screws.

This item will hold round plates and oval platters that are up to 5"deep.

A great piece that will hold your expensive piece of pottery on display.

If you need more than one, please order all at the same time. Due to being
hand made, there are slight differences each time they are made.
Scroll down for more designs.
Email me your size of plate, custom sizing no extra charge.

Single Scroll Wall Bowl Holder

$40.00 each

Double Bowl Holder for the Wall

This item can hold two large bowls, trenchers or oval platters.

You can specify for the size bowl you have.

Double Scroll Wall Bowl Holder

$64.00 each

WB3 - Triple Wall Bowl Holder
Holds bowls up to 6" deep and 16" or more in diameter.
This really holds large bowls or platters with some depth to them.
Try it for bath towels too!

WB3 - Triple Wall Bowl Holder

$75.00 each

Single Plate Holder for the Wall

This wall plate holder holds a regular size dinner plate up to 14" in diameter.
The plateholder comes in heart, ram, star and plain spade end.

Single Wall Plate Holder

$40.00 each

$40 plus $18 shipping
Email me your size of plate, custom sizing no extra charge
WP - Ram Wall Plate Holder
Our wall plate holder can hold a deep plate or soup dish.
It is available in heart, ram, scroll, or plain designs.
$40 plus $18 shipping
Please scroll down for more designs.

"I ordered your Ram Wall Plateholder....  Just wanted to tell you what a great product you have. Sturdy and beautiful!  I have been looking for something like this for 3 months.  I can now display my plate.
Thanks again! "

Mary S from Illinois

Select an Ornament:
Also, it is important that you eMail me with the size of your plate and depth of your plate or deep dish.
Double Plate Holder for the Wall

This item holds two large 14" plates vertically against the wall.

Double Scroll Wall Plate Holder

$75.00 each




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