Hen House Conflict
Hen House Conflict (limited edition)
32 in x 24 in vertical x 4 in off the wall

Cat of Nine Tails Set
22 inches high
3 for $180

Sundial with Blue Glass
Sundial with Blue Glass
This sundial has blue glass in the corners and Roman numerals to tell the time. A rock was wrapped with metal and placed inside the pedestal. This piece is driven into the ground making a center piece for any garden.
Approximately 30" across and 4 feet high.
$ 750.00 plus shipping/handling


Sunburst Sundial

Large Goldleafed Sundial

Created this Spring 2004 for that unique large garden that is looking for a statement piece!


This item cannot be shipped - delivery arrangements need to be made.

Photo By Sherwood Burton of daystarimages.com

This is a photo of a garden Arbor in Round Pond.  The leaves have been painted green and hand made by Andy.  The arbor is planted into the ground and looks good any time of the year.




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