"Country Folk Art American Flag" Wall Hanging

(as seen in June 2007 Country Living magazine)

(hanging in a summer cottage)
18" x 24"
Made from recycled material
Hand cut strips of red, white and blue jeans
Rod pocket in back

B19 - Holding Rod for Flag

B19 - Close-up of Holding Rod Bracket

The wrought iron hardware can be ordered with this flag at a special price!
Order all together and receive a discounted price, or you can order just the Country Folk Art American Flag.

For you convenience, you can use the PayPal buttons below to purchase these items, or call me at 866 896-1806 to order.

Shipping any where in the 48 states is $10.00
Maine residents add 5% sales tax

Flag wall hanging- $125.00 plus $10.00 s/h

Flag with plain brackets and rod - $150.00 plus $10.00 s/h


My feelings about this piece:

As a weaver I am very proud to be making this flag. It represents all that is American!

From the first that our country was born, weavers played a big part . They were encouraged to sit before hand hewn log looms that created crude woven cloth for the settlers of this young nation. Our independance from England needed us to create our own cloth and not be dependent on importing cloth from weaver guilds in England.

The jean cloth that I find in old faded jeans that I get are hand cut by me before placing them in a cotton warp shed on an old Union loom that I found.The jean fabric is very old in itself cause it was deveoped by a weaver in the west who needed a durable fabric for the cowboys clothes to wear. American jeans are desired around the world.

Then the flag itself is a symbol of our country that I hold very dear because it is such a Blessing to be an American! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

My family tree places me here as the13th generation here in this great country of ours. I feel privileged that they sacrificed as many are doing today to give us hope,love and the ability to practice our faith.

Family names that I can trace are Bunker, Preble, Hadlock and Gilley

Thank-you for your purchase!


(Please note that next year a book with Phyllis in it will be coming out under Country Living and Sterling Press called "Crafting a Business". It will have her whole story of being a weaver, wife of a blacksmith/fisherman and mother for 30 years.)


Close-up of B16-4" star shelf bracket holding flag

Flag with iron rod can be held up withthese brackets made by my husband Andrew,The Scottish Lion. They can hold a 4 inch shelf of wood or glass and have a hook to hang my "Country Folk ArtAmerican Flag"

"Country Folk Art American Flag" with Star 4 inch Shelf Brackets and Rod

Price - $165.00 plus $12.00 s/h

For more shelf brackets designs and sizes, please Click Here.


This pillow is created on the loom with a hand woven backing in all one piece.

A foam pillow is inserted into this durable rag rug piece.

A must have for Flag collectors!

Great for an accent on sofa, porch swing or bed.

100% cotton and very durable machine washable

21" x 24"

Country Folk Art American Flag Pillow - $200.00 plus $20.00 s/h

I hand create each pillow from new and recycled jean materials. As a weaver I am very proud to be making this item. It incorporates all that is American (see section above on my feelings about this piece).


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